Careers for Graduates


Careers for Graduates

Our program has been designed to provide a fully supported career path for people who wish to follow their passion for healing and develop their own holistic wellbeing practices. 

The training courses provide intensive and very practical knowledge and encourage the development of each student’s previous professional and life experience along with their innate abilities as natural healers. 

Some graduates choose to seek employment with a  variety of organizations from holistic healthcare centres to recreation facilities and work as Chair Yoga Instructors, Meditation teachers, Stress Management Consultants and Holistic Counsellors. 
The vast majority choose to set up and run their own Holistic Wellbeing Practices and these practices are as diverse as the individuals who run them. 

Many graduates already have a healing modality or counselling practise. The skills they learn in this course deepens their practise and skills.

Some choose to open Meditation Schools and run a variety of meditation classes that appeal to a broad cross section of the community. They may incorporate Holistic Counselling sessions and Corporate Stress Management workshops. They may also run specialised classes for particular groups (like prenatal or children’s meditation classes).

Schools are looking for meditation teachers as are corporations and businesses  of all description. The possibilities of where you can take this training are limited by your own imagination. Some practitioners have a particular area of interest like working with young people, or women in transition, or people suffering from panic and depression. They may be drawn to work with people who are working at managing chronic pain or seeking to heal from illness and disease. Every graduate is encouraged to develop the holistic practice they feel drawn to and passionate about. 

The Meditation Teacher Training College will be there when you graduate, continuing to offer support as you start working as a Meditation Teacher and Holistic Counsellor. We'll sign you up to our graduates community Facebook page, and newsletter if you wish, continue to offer Graduates Webinars on selected topics and meditations, and available for telephone and email personal support, debriefing and lesson ideas.

Within 3 months completion of the certificate course graduates  also qualify for one year free registration with IMTTA . This is an invaluable tool that provides graduates with support and guidance in setting up and managing their own holistic wellbeing practice. 
IMTTA  also provides a comprehensive practitioner kit with all the templates for the materials needed to run their businesses from marketing materials through to student handouts, disclaimers and booking forms, class plans and guide booklets.

So, while our practitioners are working for themselves, with all the benefits of self-employment, free to choose the career paths and lifestyles they want, they are never alone. 

The IMTTA courses presented by The Meditation Teacher Training College are designed to provide a very practical training experience and you can read what some of our past students have to say about their experiences on student testimonials page. 

The material you will study with Meditation Teacher Training College will assist you to create a useful portfolio of resources and tools you will use to set up and run your own holistic wellbeing business.