What our Students Say

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After completing thorough research into Meditation Certificate courses, I decided to proceed with MTTC and I’m thrilled with that decision. I would highly recommend this thorough and insightful certificate course and will definitely like to continue my learning and studies by completing the Meditation Diploma and subsequent offerings.
— Nicole
I hoped this course would be useful both professionally and personally and it has exceeded my expectations most pleasingly. The course content is extensive and thorough, yet accessible. The support from the teachers has been superb. I am so glad I chose to undertake this course and I thoroughly recommend it.
— Susan
I am so grateful for what I have learnt and incorporated in my life from this course. Initially I took the Certificate for personal growth reasons. From what I learnt and the habits I developed during the course I’ve been able to assist many of my friends to cope with stressful moments in their lives. I also have a holistic hobby business and I’ve received so many practical useful tools to share with my clients to improve issues in their lives. I will be undertaking further study as I’ve found this course so beneficial in so very many ways. Thank you MTTC.
I have absolutely loved the course. It has changed my life for the better and by keeping up the practice I feel I will only grow more.
As a mum of two young kids the part time course was hard work, but so worth it as I feel I am a much calmer mum, with more patience and having more fun with the kids.
To take this course was life changing event for me. At first is was very hard to understand so many difficult words in English. But I really enjoyed studying. I understood more about meditation and benefits & needs from that. I cannot say thank you enough to Sarah and this course.
— Shuri

I used to live in Australia and finished business college there as well. I did some studies in Europe and now I am working towards my Psychology degree in the U.S. Having said that, in comparison to other countries, I can say with utmost confidence that the delivery and hands on knowledge in Australia, is one of the best I have experienced so far. This college is no different. Comprehensive delivery of all the modules, materials and handbooks, incredibly helpful. In depth, “mechanics” of the craft, on the highest level. Teachers, Susanne and Sarah, absolutely the kindest and most helpful, and most of all, incredibly understanding. I will absolutely recommend this school and I will be continuing my education with their school in near future.
— Oriana
Doing this course has helped me deepen
and refine my own meditation practice.
The regular practices we were assigned
seemed like a lot at first but after a few
weeks I found myself wanting and seeing the need
to spend more time in meditation. I
enjoyed exploring different styles and then
reflecting on the experience.
When I faced challenges my classmates and
teacher were there to support me. I am very grateful.
— Face to face
2018_MeditaionSpace_batch2_ 13.jpg
I originally undertook this course as I wanted to study some of the post-graduate modules. As I already have two counselling qualifications, I didn’t think that I needed further training in that area. The more I looked at the course, the more I could see that a lot of the content was about meditation and the different styles. I had been meditating on and off for years and was keen to expand my practice and make it something that was a part of my daily routine. I am happy to say that I have now done that.
I have found this to be a fantastic course! It has exceeded any expectations I may have had.
The content is enjoyable, well written and easy to understand. I am walking away from this training with an abundance of tools, skills and resources that will support me both personally and professionally.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering study in the Holistic field.
— Krishna
This course has been life changing for me. The content of every lesson is great, I have learned a lot about many different things. Making meditation a daily practice as a part of the course has been incredibly helpful, before starting this training I would meditate on and off, and because my knowledge on the different kinds of meditations was limited, there were days I didn’t feel like doing it. Now, besides from the Zen meditation which is so delightful, I can practice different styles depending on the day and how I’m feeling. I feel much more confident practicing and guiding others to meditate.
The holistic counselling aspect has given me great tools that I know I can apply right away with my clients and myself, which can only improve my life.
Wonderful experience so far!
— Belem
This course allowed me to finally get to live my dream. I had always wanted to open up my own business but never found a program that really provided me with the needs to do so, until I found this one.
— Samantha